Rebuilding After Divorce

Rebuilding After Divorce

What’s next? Learn what went wrong. Rebuild you Identity & Self-Esteem. "HEAL"!

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Divorce is a significant “LOSS”

We review the Grieving process and help you deal with:
• Toxic Nostalgia Regrets, Resentments and Bitterness
• Mourning: The formal process of expressing grief
• The common fears that plague us
• Ways to Express Anger

Starting Over

We analyze Your Current Thinking, Feelings and Actions:
• Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence and Self-Worth
• Your Principles, Standards, Values and Beliefs
• How you criticize yourself

What’s Next?

We study Relationships:
• Characteristics of destructive behaviours
• Qualities that Nurture relationships
• Effective Communications
• Constructive Speaking and Listening Behaviours
• Non-Verbal Communications
• Words To Avoid


We discuss how to Now Live what you have learned:
• The importance of Self-Care
• Evaluating how you treat others
• The practise of Gratitude
• How to support and nurture each other

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