Rebuilding After Separation Loss or Divorce

Learning about “Relationships”, past and future

Discussions about “Relationships”
Firstly: (Why relationships “FAIL“)
Then: (What does a Good relationship look like)
Then: (How to avoid repeating relationship mistakes)

Tuesday evenings 7:00 to 9:00 pm (Atlantic time) (Zoom Call)

This is a “SAFE” place to listen and ask questions
It is a group discussion but it is “NOT” where you have to tell your story

You are encouraged to say only what you are comfortable contributing

Learn what goes wrong with marriages & why (All relationships for that matter)
Learn about your behaviours and their consequences

Learn about the impact on “Self-esteem & Self-worth”
Learn how to cope with all types of “Loss”
Learn about the flood of emotions & how to handle them
Learn how to avoid making the same mistakes over again

You will learn how to “Improve” any & all “Relationships” (If you want to)

You will be free to ask any questions
(Note that your answers may also come from each other)

For more information, please contact:
Douglas Jones
[email protected]

Or private message me below

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