About One-On-One Support

About One-On-One Support

Whether you call it counselling or coaching, it is all about “Listening”.

Not only do people want you to listen to them, they also want to know that you understand what they have said.

“Counselling” is when you listen to someone’s personal issues and they ask for advice then you ask them to come up with a plan to resolve the issue which is in their own best interest. They might ask for your opinion too and that is when you give advice. However, please remember that unsolicited advice is usually not welcomed and most often not wanted either. Counselling is listening then encouraging the other person to evaluate his/her own personal options. It is their own solutions that are important.

“Coaching” is when you listen to a person’s professional or business issues because they have workplace relationship issues or they want help with their professional development. This is where they are seeking guidance. Your timing is important too, unsolicited advice is usually not welcomed and most often not wanted either. You can give your wisdom, expertise and guidance when it is asked for. This is also where you can challenge their thinking and ask them to evaluate new and alternative ideas.

I have found that there is always a bit of both counselling and coaching in every conversation.

The key to either counselling or coaching is to learn how to ask a person to “Evaluate their own behaviours (thinking, feelings & actions). In other words, learn how to ask a person to evaluate themselves.

To sum up, a counsellor or a coach is a listener who gives advice or suggestions only when ask. They are also skilled at asking clients to self-evaluate. (Helping clients to develop their own plan in resolving their issues)