Douglas Jones – Relationship Specialist

MA = Masters Degree in Adult Education
RTC = Certified in Behavioural Psychology (Reality Therapy)
CPEC = Certified Personal and Executive Coach
DTM = Distinguished Toastmaster: Certified Public Speaker
Eagle Feather = Given to me by: Sun Dance Chief, Elsipogtog

After my divorce in 1994, there was only one book for the survivors of divorce. There was no Google at that time either.

I had questions about relationships.
• Why do couples fight?
• How do I deal with all these emotions?
• Why do marriages fail?
• Why is communication so difficult?
• How can I avoid doing the same stupid things in my next relationship?

I began to study “Behavioral Psychology”.
• The reasons why People do what they do.
• Choice Theory Psychology.
• Reality Therapy.
• Communication Skills.
• Power struggles.
• Habits that are Destructive to Relationships
• Caring constructive habits to improve Relationships

In the end, I now understand Relationships and how to influence them.
I can now teach this stuff, showing others how to live better in relationships.

I designed my course: “Rebuilding After Separation Loss or Divorce”.

It became very successful because:
•  it was a safe place to vent,
•  to learn what went wrong,
•  to learn how others handled their experiences,
•  to learn new communication skills,
•  to learn how to improve marriages.

In 1997, I created an Instructor’s Manual (How to teach this course). I sold this manual only to those who were Reality Therapy Certified.
My course is now being taught in Seven countries around the world.

I have had a private Counseling and Coaching practice since 1995.

This course has been approved by:
• The Federal Government,
• The provinces of NB and NS,
• The city of Moncton
• The Moncton Hospital
• The George Dumont. Hospital

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