(For anyone: Single, Married, Separated, Divorced)

Seminar Content Listed by Week

Course Content (A description of each of the five weeks in the workshop)

Week One

The Autopsy (of a failed marriage)
  •  Were you ready to get married in the first place
  •  The reasons why people get married
  •  The reasons why people separate
  •  Why people change
  •  External reasons people separate

The attitudes and behaviours that we can control
  •  Our External Control Logic (The destructive Attitudes learned  from birth)
  •  Our Basic Needs (Driving force behind all human behaviours)
  •  Internal Motivation (How we make Choices)
  •  A better communication process (The biggest impact on marriages)

Reflections on Your Past Marriage
  •  Were the needs of both you and your partner being met in the marriage
  •  How do your current attitudes compare to the ones that don’t work
  •  Now that you understand why marriages can fail, are you ready to learn so new skills

Week Two

Our Perceptions can Make or Break any Relationship (Especially Marriages)
  •  How our assumptions get us into trouble
  •  People just give us information (You give it meaning and how you feel about it)
  •  Choosing your perspective (Do you want to be Right or Happy)

Divorce is the Death of a Marriage (With it comes many Losses)
  •  “Pain” physical or emotional indicates that something needs to be “healed
  •  Divorce is a significant LOSS (Grieving is required, how is your choice)
  •  Toxic Nostalgia (Seemingly randomly reoccurring negative thoughts) can be reduced
  •  Mourning: The formal process of expressing grief
  • The Defense Mechanisms we use
  • Dealing with Regrets, Resentments and Bitterness
  • On the day you are better (You will . . .)

FEAR (False Expectations Appearing Real)
  • The common fears that plague us
  • How to deal with our Fears

How to move on with your life
  •  400 places to meet new people

Week Three

  •  Anger (The Demand For Change)
  •  Questions To Ask While Counting To 10
  •  Do’s and Don’ts While You Feel Angry
  •  Ways to Express Anger
  •  An AA Poem

Regaining Composure
  •  A Dis-arming skill when another person’s emotional outburst is aimed directly at you
  •  Validate Their Feelings First before trying to resolve anything
  •  Regaining Composure Group Exercises

The Three Ways We Relate To People
  •  As a Friend (This is when the two of you are just chatting)
  •  As a Counselor or Coach (This is when a friend asks you for an opinion)
  •  As a Manager (This is when you want help or you want someone to do something for you)

Week Four

Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence and Self-Worth
  •  Self-Evaluation (Honestly assessing how you live your life)
  • Your Principles Standards, Values and Beliefs
  •  How you criticize yourself
  •  Things you like about yourself
  •  How other people see you
  •  Steps to improving Self-Image

Being a well-adjusted person

Characteristics of a destructive relationships

Characteristics that Nurture relationships

Putting Excitement Back Into A Relationship

Week Five

  •  Effective Communications
  •  Speaking Behaviours
  •  Listening Behaviours
  •  Non-Verbal Communications
  •  Words To Avoid
  •  Keys to Successful Problem Solving
  •  Secrets Of Conversation Control
  •  Relating To Others

  •  On Making a Date
  •  What If It’s “NO” !
  •  Fourteen Exercises That Are Bad For Your Health

  •  Sex In The 2020’s
  •  Facts About AIDS
  •  Contraceptives
  •  Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  •  Common Questions

Rap Up
  •  Guide To Better Loving
  •  Mature Love vs Immature Love
  •  The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
  •  How Do You Want To Proceed
  •  My Self-Empowerment Triplets !
  •  Some Thoughts for Your Refrigerator Door

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