Rebuilding After Separation or Divorce Workshop Testimonials

Jennifer’s thoughts when she first came to the Seminar

“I felt angry at being betrayed, rejected and abandoned”
“I really felt hurt when he left with no explanation”
“Somehow this all seemed to be all my fault”

After Jennifer completed the Seminar

“I now know what went wrong and my part in that Failure”
“I now know how relationships work and what not to do”
“I can’t control others, but I can choose how I respond”

“This has been the best growth experience for me”
“Thank you from the bottom of my heart”

Michael’s thoughts when he first came to the Seminar

“I felt ashamed af how I treated my wife and family”
“I realize now that I made everything about me”
“I am not sure that I can ever be loved”

After Michael completed the Seminar

“I am guilt free because I know how relationships work”
“I will now treat people with more trust and respect”
“I now understand how I want my life to be”

“I can be happy now if I help others to be happy”
“This has been a real eye opener for me. Thank you”

Karen’s thoughts after she completed the Seminar

After leaving a dysfunctional marriage, Doug’s course (Rebuilding After Separation, Loss & Divorce)
helped me to recognize what a healthy relationship should look like. 
It prepared me to be a better partner for someone and to avoid the pitfall of repeating the same mistake twice. 
I have absolutely no doubt it played a pivotal role in helping me find the wonderful partner I am now happily married to. 
Eleven years after completing the course, I still have the handouts……
every time I look at them I remember my “Ah-ha” moments when I realized what is necessary to have a loving relationship.

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